10. Legal Tender: Women and the Secret Life of Money (inc US shipping only)


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Legal Tender: Women and the Sevret Life of Money (2019)

“If money talks, it is with our voice,” writes Lynne Twist. Christian McEwen has been listening to women tell their money stories for more than a decade. This book is the fruit of more than 50 of her interviews. Lively and surprising, with a focus on childhood memories, adult challenges, the joys of generosity and abundance, and the inequities of race and class and gender, it has been edited and arranged by McEwen herself.

“Money was invented to facilitate the transfer of goods and services when bartering became difficult to manage. Since then, we have imbued it with all sorts of meanings that were never intended, and wrapped it in multiple layers of secrecy and shame. Christian’s book, Legal Tender, helps disentangle money from its shroud of confusion and mystery. Reading these stories is a healing process, and an invitation to consider how we would tell money stories of our own.” —Megan LeBoutillier, PhD


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