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Music Hiding in the Air (2013): “…is a tender retrospective of artist and musician, Rory McEwen, a very dear uncle and mentor to niece and author/poet Christian McEwen. It is a memoir for a man whose life was over too soon, taken in his 50th year in 1982 by cancer. Growing up in Scotland, the story begins with the author’s own childhood memories of her uncle, and throughout this precious book the reader is transported to a place which is full of nature, poetry, music, art and a world filled with the human spirit. One gets swept away with McEwen’s poetic reverie as she speaks of her uncle: “… he was someone who knew in his bones the world that we were part of, with its tidal pull of class and family loyalties, its fierce old-fashioned obligations. But he was also a professional artist, deeply committed to his work. He painted every day. He got things done.”

Johanna, a PhD student in Transformative Studies at the California Institute for Integral Studies


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