Christian Teaching on Tanera Mor

Students on Tanera, 2014

Christian teaches almost every January in the Winter Studies program at Williams College, MA. She also teaches the occasional workshop for faculty and/or staff at Smith College and Hampshire College, and at the Zen Mountain Monastery in Upstate New York. For the past five years, she co-taught a weeklong course on the Scottish island of Tanera, with her friend, the textile artist, Jan Kilpatrick.

Christian also teaches occasional workshops by request, most often on poetry and non-fiction, with a focus on creativity and slowing down. These can range in length from half a day to a full week. Please contact Christian direct if you would like to initiate one of these.


Christian reading at the Smith College Poetry Center, 2015

Christian reading at the Smith College Poetry Center, 2015

“Christian McEwen is fantastic. She should be a full-time Williams professor. Her deep knowledge and breadth of intellectual engagement made class fascinating and delightful. Furthermore, she inspired me to go above and beyond the excellent assignments.”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful winter study. I really, really enjoyed the class, both the slowing down and reconnecting with writing. Drawing and learning a bit more about nature were nice bonuses too. I hope I can continue what I’ve begun in your class, and I just wanted to tell you how appreciative I am of everything you’ve shared with me.”

Winter Studies students at Williams College, MA

“Thank you so much for once again sharing your teachings with us, and making writing feel accessible, within reach, and non-scary. Your warmth and presence here are so deeply felt.”

– Ikusei at Zen Mountain Monastery, Mount Tremper, Upstate NY