Christian rejoicing at the MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, NH

To learn more about a new landscape-inspired creative writing and art course in the Scottish Highlands, run by Christian McEwen and local artist Jan Kilpatrick, click on the link above.


WELCOME to Christian McEwen’s website. You will find excerpts from her published books, as well as an example of her uncollected prose. There is also an excerpt from her short film, Tomboys! co-produced with Julie Akeret.

In August of this year, Christian will be joining Scottish artist Jan Kilpatrick as they follow in the footsteps of poet Norman MaCaig, exploring the landscape of the remote North West Scottish Highlands. The story of the geology of this magnificent mountainous area will provide much food both for thought and for imagination. You can join them on this adventure by signing up for a week-long course. Details can be found by following the link given above.

Join Christian McEwen & artist Jan Kilpatrick for a week of retreat on the Summer Isles, in the North West Highlands of Scotland (30th August-6th September, 2014). This is the fifth and, very likely, the last retreat on Tanera Mor, since the island is up for sale. Don't miss this rare opportunity to explore creativity & slowing down in this beautiful and romantic setting. To book a place or to find out more, follow the link above.

Recent news has to do with Christian's play, LEGAL TENDER: Women & the Secret Life of Money, which opened at the Quaker Meeting House in Northampton, MA on International Women's Day (March 8th). There were two performances on 8th, and a second pair on 15th March. Both were entirely sold out. The Hampshire Gazette gave us front page coverage on March 8th, as well as an op-ed piece the following week.
Tremendous excitement! To read more go to http:/​/​​news

Also, see Legal Tender on youtube:

In March 2013, the Scottish Review of Books published Christian's essay on the Summer Isles, under the title of "Fire Island: Some Notes on Tanera." Unfortunately, the editors misremembered her name, and her by-line is given as "Christian Lewis." But the piece is really hers! Do take a look at Scottish Review of Books.

In December 2012, Michelle Aldredge asked if she could post some excerpts from WORLD ENOUGH & TIME on her terrific site, Gwarlingo. See

Christian McEwen on the Art of Happiness

Christian's book, WORLD ENOUGH & TIME: ON CREATIVITY AND SLOWING DOWN came out with Bauhan Publishing in September 2011, and has now gone into a fifth edition. She has just finished taping an audio version, which will be available in the summer of 2014.

John de Graaf was an early reader, and commented in the following terms:

"WORLD ENOUGH & TIME is, above all, simply one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. I read it far too quickly because I suffer from the very disease it illuminates so well, and I am one of those who warn against this disease (hurry sickness) that is everywhere among us.

I want to read this book again (and again) and slowly, savoring the remarkably moving writing -- Christian McEwen's prose is pure poetry; she has a poet's heart! And yet, it is not just her gift with words that makes this so powerful a book. Her stories ring true and put flesh on the solid social criticism and historical insights contained in the work. Her literary erudition shines through, but with an abiding humility. Most of all, this is a book that goes to the core of our current condition and asks us to reclaim our souls. Its message about time could not be more timely. This is not just a good book.

This is a book that should become a classic."

-- John de Graaf, co-author of AFFLUENZA: THE ALL-CONSUMING EPIDEMIC and editor of TAKE BACK YOUR TIME.

Christian's memoir of her painter uncle, Rory McEwen, was published in May 2013, under the title, MUSIC HIDING IN THE AIR (Bauhan Publishing, 2013). It is distributed by UPNE (University Press of New England). If you would like to buy a copy for yourself, please follow the link to the order form, to be found in the right-hand column. To read a review of this publication see artplantaetoday

Selected Works

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Creative Non-Fiction
"A wise book -- a quiet feast, a daydreamer's manual, a work of mindfulness, which teaches us to slow down and see the world anew. Read it slowly and come to your senses." Edward Hirsch
Documentary Film
Lively & inspiring video documentary, focusing on tomboys of all ages. Especially useful for girls and young people.
Poems of love and loss, lyric, analytic, mordant and comic.
Teaching essays
A collection of essays on teaching all forms and aspects of nature writing.
Fiction & Memoir
An anthology of tomboy writing ranging from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day.