Photograph of Christian McEwen by Joanna Eldridge Morrisey

Welcome to Christian McEwen’s website. You will find news of what Christian is working on and links to her various publications, as well as some examples of her recent work.

If I belonged to anything, it was to the small, but then enormous, landscape of my childhood, to houses, trees, gardens, walks – only then was my absorption so utter that I felt no separation between myself and an outside world.”- Alastair Reid

~ The Tortoise Diaries


To hear Christian talk on the theme of creativity and slowing down, please listen to Creativity and Slowing Down.

Christian is currently offering creative counseling on-line. Please do get in touch if you are interested. See The Gift of Time.

To read Christian’s recommendations for 5 books to read to help you slow down and listen, follow this link.

Christian's 5 Books

Christian’s 5 recommended books